Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities

Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities


The Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities, believes in a holistic approach for the overall well-being of the newly admitted students. The student-friendly faculty members makes a fantastic trustworthy bond between them, which remains as a cherishable experience.

The department offers the basic undergraduate level courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Humanities (English) to all the 1st year engineering streams. The department also provides support to the department-specific interdisciplinary science and humanities subjects for higher semesters.

The department of BSH is well enriched with the modern Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab and a Language Lab which take a pivotal role not only to embed the scientific aptitude in the students but also for the dissemination of their knowledge and understanding through effective communication in English.

The guidance and supervision provided by the department, equips the students with a very solid foundation knowledge of science and humanities which is not only enhance their technical understanding, but also very much useful for their higher level job portfolio.


Humanities and Sciences prepare students for social responsibility, employability and life long learning. The subjects taught impart highest level of excellence in the cultivation of learning and the creation of knowledge across a broad level of disciplines. It encompasses core humanities, language, mathematics, physical, chemical and environmental sciences.

Communication Skills

The course is designed in such a way that one understand the essentials of sentence construction, writing skills for business purpose, vocabulary and grammar. It enables the student to communicate well in written as well as in spoken English. The study of English language opens the doors to an infinite possibilities, giving a competitive edge in the job market. Computer assisted language laboratory enables video based material to be shared with the class. The students are exposed to variety of listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive. This aims at confidence building for interview and competitive examinations. The control panel helps in:

  • Monitoring students voice and screen to listen and view their work.
  • Talking to the entire class/group discussion.
  • Intercom for one to one instruction with students screen.

Engineering Mathematics

Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, relation, charge and various topics of pattern form and entity. Mathematics seeks out patterns and other quantitative aspects of the entities they study, whether these entities are numbers, space, natural science, computer or abstract concepts. Today Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine and the social sciences such as Economics and Psychology.

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Chemistry as a core course in engineering curriculum is being realized to a greater extent in recent years. This has further increased the responsibility of chemistry department to acquaint the engineering students with the recent developments in the relevant areas of technology, so as to insist broader vision to appreciate the under-lying physic-chemical principles and their technological application. Experienced faculty in the department of engineering chemistry helps students in performing experiments in fully equipped laboratories, so that they are motivated to feel as to how theoretical knowledge can be tested experimentally.

Engineering Physics

Physics is not an isolated body of equations and hypotheses as the student is generally made to believe. Study of Physics is meant for the young minds to imbibe scientific reasoning and logical presentation because it is the mother of all engineering branches. The department has well equipped laboratories at the graduate level, also backed by the learned teaching staff offering their knowledge and expertise in shaping the destiny of students.