Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering



Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the most rapidly developing engineering disciplines. Educational programme in the department has been prepared to match the fast developments in technology and science to produce creative graduate engineers, who can adapt and follow the developing technologies in this field. This department offers courses which enable the students to obtain broad understanding of the subjects. It also covers important portions in electronics.


  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Fully equipped state of the art laboratories.

Main Laboratories

The department has well equipped laboratories to conduct experiments related with Basic Electrical Engineering, EMEC I & II, Network Analysis, Electrical Electronic Instrumentation, Digital Electronics & Logic Design, Electronic Devices & Circuits I & II Analog & Digital Communication, Microprocessor and Power System I & II, Control System, Computer Programming, Power Electronics, Power semiconductors Drives, Electrical Simulation CAEMD

Projects in the Department are Related to the Field of:

  • D.C. Transmission system.
  • Load Shedder.
  • Home Automation over Internet.
  • Up Based on LED stroboscope.
  • Versatile water level controller.
  • Grid solving Robot.