Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Students should be regular and punctual in attending classes, practicals and submission of assignments and projects. If his /her progresses,  conduct and attendance are not satisfactory; he/she will not be allowed to appear for the examinations.

Full attendance in theory and practical is expected. Failing to comply with the mandatory (80% separately in theory and practical) requirements of attendance, is likely to result in debarring of such student from the subsequent sessions.

Attendance  for the first lecture or practical  as per time table is compulsory , However  if the student  remains absent for any successive theory  or practical , he/she  will be marked  absent for  that whole day.

The authorized medium of communication with the students of College is Notice board. Hence students are expected to read the notice displayed on the notice board regularly.  The College shall accept no responsibility for loosed caused due to failure on the part of the students to read the notice in time.

Students are expected to use neat and clean uniform dress while attending the college.

Immediately after admission to the College every student shall carry an identity Card provided by the college. The card will be issued on the submission of three colored passport size photograph to the office /library.

All the student are expected  to behave  and work decently  in the  college  premises  and shall maintain  a healthy interaction with his/ her colleagues, members of  faculty , supporting staff of the college  and the community in general.

They shall not disturb the working of the college by loud talks, use of indecent language.

Each student must submit their fee and other dues on  before  given date   otherwise  he/ she will not allow to participate in exam & mid sem . Additionally they will be charged fine as per norms.  
Damage to the property of the    college  and the sister institutes of  the  man agent, like tampering with furniture , equipments, Instruments, books, periodicals ,vehicles, fixtures, fitting building walls, windows etc. Will be viewed very seriously and may result in the recovery of the cost of damage from the students. Additionally it may also result in instant expulsion of the defaulting student/ students.

Ragging in any form within or outside    the college and hostel is totally banned. Defaulters will be summarily expelled from the college.

No student shall use unfair means in any of tests, examinations, viva-voce, project work conducted by the the institute. The unfair means include various malpractices   like transcribing unauthorized materials, violence and intimidation of fellow students, of the supervisory staff and the office staff appointed for the above said work. In the case  the students  found  guilty of  such acts he/she  shall be expelled from the examination  and further action, as deemed fit shall  be  initiated against  him .

Principal   reserves  the right  to strike off the  name  of any    student form  the  failure to  pay the course , examination , hostel  fees or any other dues in time .

Course fees and other fees once paid shall not be refunded on any account.

Bicycles, Scooters and such other vehicles shall be parked only in the area provided for the purpose. The college shall not accept any responsibilities for their safe custody.

Students will not be allowed to participate in the recruitment process by companies unless he/ she has paid all the dues and completed his/her assigned preparatory projects.

Appearance for all the Sessional  examination in theory and practical  is compulsory .There shall not be any extra Sessional examination  conducted  in the same academic  year for improvement  of marks etc

Any violation  of these rules on an act of  indiscipline  on the part of the students shall result in strict disciplinary action,  which may  include  dismissal  from the college. In case any student is expelled or debarred from the college or his/her name is stuck off from the roll the amount paid by the student to the college in any form will stand forfeited.

Apart from regular classes  student are  also advised to create good learning environments  by  taking initiative  putting their  best  efforts in  extra curricular   activities  like  Tech fest, Game  Fresher & Farewells parties , College Magazine, Paper Presentation ,Annual function  and other cultural and social activity .