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Department of Computer Science & Engineering
The department of Computer Science and Engineering was established at the very first year of establishment of institute. This is rich in experienced and competent faculty. The technical staff is also well-trained. There are many computer equipped laboratories with one powerful server for networking in UBUNTU, Linux etc. connectivity using the advantage of star topology. All laboratories are Wi-Fi networked internet facility which is available to all faculties and students. Computer systems with the latest configuration are manifold, connected to these networks.

Projects in the Department are Related to the Field of:
  • Interactive voice response system.
  • Radio frequency identification system.
  • Online banking.
  • Web Alert.
Department of Electronics & Communication
The Department of Electronics and Communications (DECE), which became an integral part of this celebrated institution, is one of the leaders in state in this field of technology. The department, headed by professors and lecturers who are experts in their own disciplines, aims at educating and training students with sound knowledge and awareness in the latest trends in electronics and communication.
  • The department has highly qualified, committed and experienced faculty members.
  • This is collaborating with renowned companies like SIGMA SOLLUTIONS, Hyderabad to provide technical training facilities to students.
  • A good number of students got placement in renowned companies viz. Infosys, Wipro, Syntel, Tech Mahindra and other national organizations.
The students are provided with modern facilities in well established laboratories (as per AICTE Norms) where under the guidance of experts, they groom themselves in the field of Data communication, Optical Communication, Microprocessors and Embedded system, VLSI and Chip Designing, Analog and Digital communication, Antenna Wave Propagation, Signal Processing Television and RADAR etc. Recently a high-end project laboratory with latest softwares and hardwares, has been developed for the students to design and develop their own projects under the guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculty.
Projects in the Department are Related to the Field of:
  • Embedded System Design.
  • VLSI Based Application Designing.
  • Industrial Mobile and Wireless Applications.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.
  • Electronic Safety and Security Devices.
Best Electronics and Communication Engineering College in Bhopal
Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • The department is involved in Computer Aided Design, Vehicle Design and use of alternative fuels.
  • Highly experienced and dedicated faculty.
  • Fully furnished and well equipped laboratories with state of the art equipment.
  • Full-fledged central workshop with six trades and separate machine shop.
  • Special technical lectures for students are conducted by technical experts from industries and academics.
  • The department organizes National Conferences and students events.
  • The department has fully air-conditioned CAD laboratory with advances like IDEAS, SolidEdge, and Unigraphics-NX4.
Laboratory Facilities
The department has fully equipped laboratories for conducting experiments related with EM, BME, TOM, SOM, FM, HMT, RAC, ICE, S&M, CIM, Automobile and Thermodynamics.
Projects in the Department are Related to the Field of:
  • Design and fabrication of Ornithoptor.
  • Agricultural robot.
  • Design and fabrication of dual engine car.
  • Fabrication of two seater three wheeler car.
  • Installation of small biogas plant.
  • Engine performance on biodiesel (Jatropha).
  • Automation of material handling system for aerodrome.
  • Solar car model. 
Best Mechanical Engineering College in Bhopal
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the most rapidly developing engineering disciplines. Educational programme in the department has been prepared to match the fast developments in technology and science to produce creative graduate engineers, who can adapt and follow the developing technologies in this field. This department offers courses which enable the students to obtain broad understanding of the subjects. It also covers important portions in electronics.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty.
  • Fully equipped state of the art laboratories.
Main Laboratories
The department has well equipped laboratories to conduct experiments related with Basic Electrical Engineering, EMEC I & II, Network Analysis, Electrical Electronic Instrumentation, Digital Electronics & Logic Design, Electronic Devices & Circuits I & II Analog & Digital Communication, Microprocessor and Power System I & II, Control System, Computer Programming, Power Electronics, Power semiconductors Drives, Electrical Simulation CAEMD
Projects in the Department are Related to the Field of:
  • D.C. Transmission system.
  • Load Shedder.
  • Home Automation over Internet.
  • Up Based on LED stroboscope.
  • Versatile water level controller.
  • Grid solving Robot. 
Best Electrical & ElectronicsEngineering College in Bhopal
Department of Information Technology
The Department of Information Technology was introduced in B.E. course with an intake of 60 seats. The numbers of seats were increased to 90 in MITS from the academic session 2008-2009. “If our society is assumed as hardware, then education must be considered as its software”. Both are inter-related, their charges also influence each other. The influence of IT in all dimensions and domains of education is obvious. Application of IT is receiving increasing attention from researchers, service providers as well as from government in the educational arena. In this groundbreaking volume, many renowned educationists and technocrats of India have effectively demonstrated how IT is the common concept linking all aspect of education, i.e., delivery of education, on-line learning, instructional technology, examination, administration of real and virtual educational institutions. This, in essence, is the importance of IT.
  • Three well equipped computer laboratories with Pentium-4 systems having latest hardware configuration and internet connection to each.
  • Latest licensed software packages.
  • Fully connected campus with Wi-Fi network.
  • Well qualified staff with excellent knowledge and teaching proficiency.
  • All the laboratories are well furnished and air-conditioned.
  • Good practical knowledge is delivered to our students.
  • Individual attention is given to students.
  • Students seminars are conducted using power point presentation by LCD projectors. 
Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities
Humanities and Sciences prepare students for social responsibility, employability and life long learning. The subjects taught impart highest level of excellence in the cultivation of learning and the creation of knowledge across a broad level of disciplines. It encompasses core humanities, language, mathematics, physical, chemical and environmental sciences.
Communication Skills
The course is designed in such a way that one understand the essentials of sentence construction, writing skills for business purpose, vocabulary and grammar. It enables the student to communicate well in written as well as in spoken English. The study of English language opens the doors to an infinite possibilities, giving a competitive edge in the job market. Computer assisted language laboratory enables video based material to be shared with the class. The students are exposed to variety of listening, speaking, reading and comprehensive. This aims at confidence building for interview and competitive examinations. The control panel helps in:
  • Monitoring students voice and screen to listen and view their work.
  • Talking to the entire class/group discussion.
  • Intercom for one to one instruction with students screen.
Best Basic Sciences & HumanitiesCollege in Bhopal
Engineering Mathematics
Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, space, relation, charge and various topics of pattern form and entity. Mathematics seeks out patterns and other quantitative aspects of the entities they study, whether these entities are numbers, space, natural science, computer or abstract concepts. Today Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine and the social sciences such as Economics and Psychology.
Engineering Chemistry
Engineering Chemistry as a core course in engineering curriculum is being realized to a greater extent in recent years. This has further increased the responsibility of chemistry department to acquaint the engineering students with the recent developments in the relevant areas of technology, so as to insist broader vision to appreciate the under-lying physic-chemical principles and their technological application. Experienced faculty in the department of engineering chemistry helps students in performing experiments in fully equipped laboratories, so that they are motivated to feel as to how theoretical knowledge can be tested experimentally.
Engineering Physics
Physics is not an isolated body of equations and hypotheses as the student is generally made to believe. Study of Physics is meant for the young minds to imbibe scientific reasoning and logical presentation because it is the mother of all engineering branches. The department has well equipped laboratories at the graduate level, also backed by the learned teaching staff offering their knowledge and expertise in shaping the destiny of students.


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