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From Chairmans Desk
Chairman  Er. Vinod Yadav
Welcome to Millennium group of Institutes, a group which stands apart in the crowd of professional Institute. We cherish the idea of motivating you to enter the path of darkness & help you to illuminate it with your ideas and knowledge, rather than allowing, you to travel the lighted path. We await the diversity and the spread, which you shall bring with you and leave it for your fellow, students. We eagerly wait to see the opportunity you create, and how you appose the status quo. We are happy to see it change and we realize, only you could have done it so well. We are surprise with the leadership potential, of today growth. We feel very happy when we see your concern for social cause & practicing value with intensity. We are amazed at your propensity to technology and the desire to seek newer avenues. You make us create the difference. We find it tough to keep pace with you in your attempt to be physically fit, mentally active and seek adventure at every moment of the day. We love your attitude to have fun, to smile and beat stress by not allowing it to be created. This is what we shall all do together for four years. Come and make a difference.
Er. Vinod Yadav B.E., MBA
From Directors Desk
Director  Dr. R.N.S. Yadav

Millennium Group of Institutions portrays an exponential milieu in every endeavour towards excellence be it professional development or personal grooming. We at MGI boast of a pragmatic approach for we believe in youth empowerment. As you aspire to excel in your chosen field we help you hone the required skill sets from being a great team player to understanding the nuances of a perennially changing work environment.

Our goals are to nurture our students who we believe are the future of India. We aspire to give the world its young inspired leaders.

Dr. R.N.S. Yadav
Fellow of IE, ISAE, ISSCT, STAI.M.Tech
IIT Kgp, PhD.GRU (T.N.)

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